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  • Bluetooth Low Energy For Next-Gen Products 1.79 Мб

    Home automation BLE is a potential candidate technology for devices like intelligent washing machines or sprinkler systems that can be controlled wirelessly for home automation and smart energy management.

  • A Guide to Selecting a Bluetooth and BLE Chipset • Argenox...

    BLE device costs are usually critical because of the low cost of the product itself. We’ve decided to put together much of the information we have learned from working with multiple customers developing BLE and Bluetooth products, and the keys to getting your product developed right.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Android - Xamarin Forums

    Hey all, I am currently trying to find someone else that has BLE working on an Android device using Xamarin. I am currently working on developing against a Nexus 7 with BLE, and I am attempting to connect to a custom BLE device.

  • Intelligent Devices - Revolutionary Audio software and hardware...

    Copyright 2009 Intelligent Devices, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Interface Specification 1.23 Мб

    Bluetooth Low energy main functions Connectivity • Scanning of the BLE devices available. •Establish a link with a FlowerPower BLE device. • Handle the disconnections started by the FlowerPower device.

  • [REFERENCE]: BLE master/slave, GATT client/server, and data...

    Usually, the slave is the BLE112/BLE113 module. Client devices access remote resources over a BLE link using the GATT protocol.Example gatt.xml content with GATT server structure for a "typical" custom BLE peripheral device. Master vs. Slave - Connection Roles.

  • ...in Industrial Automation with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) | Ultra...

    Dual-mode devices support both classic Bluetooth and BLE, while single-mode devices only support BLE. The two most common roles for BLE devices areAt GE Intelligent Platforms, we understand that one of the greatest challenges involved in developing cutting edge defense systems is keeping...

  • Powering up with BLE in Windows 8.1 | Coding4Fun Blog | Channel 9

    For the BLE devices the whole idea of the application is to consume less but have a connection between the device (server) and the application (client).

  • BLE P click - ...IC for adding a Bluetooth 4.0 support to your device

    BLE P click carries a nRF8001 IC for adding a Bluetooth 4.0 (alternatively known as Bluetooth Low Energy) peripheral device to your design.To get you started with BLE P click, use our BLE Android app (works on devices with hardware and software support for BLE).

  • BLE113 993 Кб

    BLE113 Bluetooth Smart module can also host end user applications, which means no external micro controller is required in size or price constrained devices. BLE113 module has flexible hardware interfaces to connect to different peripherals and sensors.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy | Mercury Development BLE experience

    Intelligent and power-friendly, it’s perfect for connected sensors and wearable gadgets.Mercury has ample experience with BLE integration in iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac OS X. We know all the ins and outs and will be happy to add support of the existing BLE devices in your app or build an...

  • support.microsoft.com/kb/927756/en-us

    Mobile devices.

  • BLE Device Monitor by Texas Instruments Inc - Should I Remove It?

    BLE Device Monitor is a software program developed by Texas Instruments Inc. The primary executable is named ble_devmon.exe. The setup package generally installs about 13 files and is usually about 38.95 (40,843,252 bytes).

  • maxoderm.com/

    Найдено по ссылке: A huge romantic ble også kjøpt 0001 weekly 0 le chateau handbags cyber...

  • Intelligent USB BT/BLE Dongle Featuring smart BASIC 520 Кб

    If a smartBASIC application has been loaded with a name $autorun$, then the device on power up will automatically execute that application.BT900-US Hardware Integration Guide Intelligent BT/BLE Dongle featuring smartBASIC 3.3.2 Recommended Operating Parameters Table 6: Power Supply...

  • Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Support on the Note 3 | Samsung Galaxy Note...

    There seems to be a bit of information floating around for Nexus and Galaxy S3 devices, but none for the Note 3 - which prompted me to start this thread. I have a BLE Heart Rate Monitor (Mio Alpha Pro strapless watch) which I have been using to test functionality with my stock...

  • BLE | Getting Smart On Bluetooth Low Energy

    Google did announce BLE as part of Android 4.3 (API 18) – hooray! The next milestone was to get 4.3 on my device, a Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T). That happened today with a Cyanogenmod “nightly” 10.2.

  • Options for passively communicating with BLE devices

    From what I’ve seen, there are a few ways for an iPhone to passively communicate with a BLE device when it comes in range- This essentially off loads the power responsibility to the other side, which means your central is going to need a big battery or an intelligent way to limit scanning.

  • BLE Services - CoreBluetooth Framework - BLE Devices - iPhone...

    Learn how to read/write values to your BLE devices using corebluetooth framework in your iPhone applications.Now, we are going to explain how to read & write some values on BLEs. First of all you have to discover services of a BLE device.

  • Bluetooth Smart/BLE Crash Course « FlyingCarsAndStuff

    Though it is possible for a BLE device to play multiple roles and change its function dynamically, most systems will probably be designed explicitly as either clients or servers of resources (masters or slaves of the connection).

  • BLE 04 Scan device | Libelium

    BLE 08 Connecting to a BLE device as Slave. BLE 10 Characteristic notification as master.This example shows how to make a scan with Bluetooth low energy and look for a specific BLE module, printing number of discovered devices and scan results.

  • BLE112 - How to do I2C reads and writes - Suresh's Site

    Round-robin business intelligence (RRDs explained). BLE112 – A UART and watermark example.I am also working with BLE in my current project. I am using BLED 112 Dongle to receive data in my laptop from another BLE device which is NRF 8001.

  • Toshiba BLE Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista

    Toshiba BLE Drivers Download. This page contains the list of device drivers for Toshiba BLE. All required drivers are available for download. To download the proper driver you should find the device name and click the download link.

  • sensor - BLE device directions - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

    BLE Scan interval and window. 0. change software configuration of a BLE device with a smartphone app. 1. Streaming video using BLE or classic Bluetooth 4.0? 2. Bluetooth Low Energy - Smart vs Smart Ready device.

  • BLE UART Transceiver Module - Product - CeBIT 2015

    Largest and Best Intelligent Device Factory in the world.BLE UART Transceiver Module. Largest and Best Intelligent Device Factory in the worldread more. Please log in in order to use the save function.

  • AtomWear/Atomwear · GitHub | Bluetooth intelligent anti-lost locator

    Atomwear is a micro, modularized, open source, wearable BLE device for DIYers. It makes any BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) projects easier.Bluetooth intelligent anti-lost locator. Through the distance changes to determine whether the items are controlled in your safe range, can be applied to the anti lost...

  • BLE Archives - Laird Technologies Wireless Connectivity Blog

    Laird recently announced a new member to the BT900 Series, the BT900-US, an intelligent BTv4.0 dual-mode dongle for Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE). The dongle is designed to simply add Classic Bluetooth, BLE Central, and BLE Peripheral Modes to any OS backed device with a...

  • awdit - HDS723020BLE640 ATA Device

    Download our FREE PC tuner with software and driver updates Free download. Home Hardware HDS723020 BLE640 ATA Device.

  • iBeacon/BLE Beacon Shipments to Break 60 Million by 2019

    Teardown Services. Mobile Device Platform Intelligence.Robotics, Automation and Intelligent Systems. Secure ICs.Over the last twelve months iBeacons /BLE beacons have caught the zeitgeist and emerged as a key anchor technology in the retail space.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy | Android Developers

    In this document. Key Terms and Concepts. Roles and Responsibilities. BLE Permissions. Setting Up BLE. Finding BLE Devices. Connecting to a GATT Server. Reading BLE Attributes. Receiving GATT Notifications. Closing the Client App. Key classes. BluetoothGatt. BluetoothGattCallback.

  • BLE Shield — RedBearLab

    BLE Shield stands for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Shield. It is designed to work with Arduino boards or compatibles, including Arduino Uno, Mega 2560, Leonardo and Due. It allows you to connect your Arduino boards with other BLE Central device like a smartphone or tablet.

  • BLE Heart Rate & HRV Recorder - Приложения на Google Play

    - auto-reconnect if ble-device disconnects - statistics data - gps tracking with address resolving for geocodes, formula for calories - gps tracking with recording and storage into file(incl.